How To Get An Ex Girlfriend Back with 3 Easy Secrets

Learn How to Get an Ex Girlfriend Back Easily

You got dumped. Now, if you’re like most guys, the only thing you can think about is running over to her house and begging for another chance.

‘I love you!’ you’re ready to shout. If this were the movies, you’d be in great shape, but this kind of beta-male showing never works in the real world.

If you want to know how to get an ex girlfriend back, there are 3 easy secrets you must first learn.Win Back Girl


Secret One – Make Some Changes

There was a reason she broke up with you. In most cases, there were probably a number of reasons. There’s no way to beat around the bush when it comes to this.

Was it your fault entirely? No. Don’t even go there. A relationship is about compromise. It’s a two-way street.

But, as a man, you need to accept that there were plenty of things you did that she didn’t like or things that she liked that you didn’t do.

This first step is discovering what she wanted from you.

Sit down and get ready to meditate. Look inward and be honest with yourself. Ask the following questions, and any others you can think of.

Did your girlfriend not like the way you dress? Did she call you a slob or tell you to get better clothes?

How we dress often tells the world how we feel, not only about ourselves but about those around us. You dishonored her by looking like a slob while you were with her, you filthy lout.

Did you leave dirty laundry all over the place? Did you not help clean the apartment or home? When you don’t lift a finger to help out, a woman will often take that as a sign that you don’t care about them.

And they’d be right, if you really loved her, you’d be on your feet taking care of everything. A loving couple has to fight to do the housework, so stop being a lazy twit and show her you loved her.

Is your job something that is up to your potential? If you have a college degree but work down the corner at a local bagel shop because you don’t want to work more than a few hours a day, then this isn’t instilling much hope in her for a future together.

She’s thinking about a family. You need to be upwardly mobile. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Get hired into a career. Network.

Have you been doing to same things that you enjoyed when you two were first dating?

Do you hang out with your friends? Play music? Play sports?

If you aren’t involved in the lifestyle that you had in the beginning of your relationship, then she will begin to feel smothered by you.

She wants her own space, which requires you to be out occupying your time with your own diversions. She wants to live her own life and wants you to live yours.


Secret Two – Show Her the New You

The more time you spent together, the more common friends you will have developed through the years.

Even if she isn’t openly interested in seeing you right now, she’s thinking about you, and talking to her friends.

Let these friends see you, even if you have to ‘accidentally’ run into them when you know they will be somewhere at a certain time.

Hang out with them, be polite, smile, and show them that you are a different person. Make sure that when you’re going out, that you dress well. Have your hair trimmed and for goodness sake, shave.

When her friends notice that you’re happy (or at least appear happy) and that you’re better now than when you two were together, they’re going to call her and tell her.

This will spark something in her and she’ll immediately wonder if you’re dating someone and she’ll be worried that you are, which will lead to her reaching out to you.


Secret Three – When She Contacts You

When you do these things, she will contact you. When she does, be genuinely happy to hear from her. Don’t tell her you miss her, at least not right away. Let her tell you that first.

Act a bit aloof, but don’t be rude. Listen to her. Laugh with her. Remember, she broke up with you, so it’s in her court to make the next move.

Ask her how she’s been, tell her that you’ve been doing well (don’t say great), and let her know that you’re working on a new job, or got a new job, and tell her about some of the new clothing you bought. “I saw this dress shirt and thought of you. Now I wear these types of shirts all the time.”

When she tells you she misses you and would like to get together for lunch, accept, but don’t accept the first date she offers. Instead, tell her you’re busy that day, but how about the next?

She’ll wonder what plans you have, but be elusive. When you hang up the phone, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear. Please be aware that this behavior is manipulative and can backfire.

No girl likes a guy who plays games, but they usually like to see that you know how the games are played.

By taking these 3 easy secrets to get an ex girlfriend back, she’ll be putty in your arms again.

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