How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Effortlessly

A Simple Guide on How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

You’ve just had your heart ripped out and all you can think about is how to get your ex girlfriend back. This simple guide is all you need.

If you’ve got the drive and the gumption to put a few key things in order, you’ll be ready to get your girlfriend back.

Of course, there are no guarantees that you will be able get her back. Win Back Girl

Sorry. No couple has a 100% guarantee; however, some relationship breakups are reversible.

You just need to know what to do.

Your success will depend on you and what you’re willing to accept and be motivated to change about the situation.

Let’s fact reality: she broke up with you for many reasons. Not all of them are going to be about you.

You might not agree with some of the issues she had with you, but if you want her back, you are going to have to accept that’s how she felt and it’s why she gave up on you.

You can either accept what she has to say as fact, and many times she’s right about your flaws, and change what she thinks you should change or you can stand your ground on certain issues.

If you do decide to stand your ground on one of her criticisms, be absolutely certain you’re right.

Either way, the process requires self-improvement, which demands an introspective look at how one behaves, a willingness to change some bad habits or behaviors, and putting yourself back out on the field – without making a mistake in the interim that would dissuade her from dating you again.


Step One – Look in the Mirror

When you look in a mirror, you see your true reflection. There’s no way to hide from your flaws.

This is what your girlfriend saw in you. It’s not going to be possible to hide your flaws from a perceptive woman forever.

That’s why you need to look at yourself with brutal honesty. What did she not like about you or your behaviors?

Are you immature? Lazy? Unmotivated? Unromantic? Be honest. Where could you use improvement?

No relationship ends without clues leading up to the breakup. Little comments, verbal jabs, sighs … all of these indicate frustration on her part.

You probably didn’t listen to anything she was saying to you. At the moment you might have been angry at her ‘nagging’ or nitpicking and wrote it off as her being a woman or not willing to accept you for you.

Bury your ego. Get over yourself. You’re not perfect. Luckily, she knows she’s not either.

If you really care about her and want to know how to get your ex girlfriend back, then you are going to have to make changes in your life.

You need to realize that the same things she didn’t like about you, you don’t like about yourself.

These are the things about yourself you should go out and change.

Move out of your parent’s house and rent an apartment.

Cut your hair and get a job. Fix whatever it is about yourself that you don’t like.


Step Two – Get Involved in Life

Did you give up the life you led before you met this woman?

Did you stop exercising or doing things for yourself? Did you stop going out and living your own life?

If you don’t get out and do things on your own, you end up suffocating her. You need to have a life!

Get out and involved in things that you once enjoyed. Go to the movies by yourself if you have to.

Call up old friends and get together with them.

Your girlfriend may not be around anymore, but when you start becoming involved in life again, outside of her, then when you do run into her (and you will), the moment you tell her that you’re running out for a tennis match or to play poker with the guys, it will pique her interest in you all over again.

She’ll recall the early moments of your relationship and what attracted her to you. It’s like a smell that conjures up a childhood memory –when she is reminded of what you were like when you two first met.

That creates the best question ever in her mind: what if? What if he has changed? What if we were to get back together?


Step Three – Start Dating Again

You may think that if you start dating again, your ex will think you’ve moved on. While the last thing you want to do is intentionally make her jealous, you want to spark her interest in you.

People are attracted to those they think they can’t have.

Now that your ex-girlfriend has seen the improvements in you and realizes that you are living your life, she’s going to want you back.

When you start dating, she’s going to decide that it’s now or never to make a move. When that happens, you hope you won’t have to break somebody’s heart.


This is only a simple guide for how to get your ex girlfriend back. The actual process is always longer, harder, and more emotional than anyone ever expects.

If you care about her and she cares about you, and you both become independent, active, and healthy, then a relationship might grow between two better versions of yourself in the future.

If you’ve recently lost your girlfriend, it’s not too late to get her back, but you do need a solid, proven and guaranteed effective plan.

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