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How to Write a Book Step by Step Essentials for a Good Book

One of the manifestations of the scientific and intellectual renaissance is the spread of books in various fields, where authorship has become the dominant feature of modern-day cultural activities, rather, the writing of books is an attribute associated with the stages, types, and developments of human thought over time, it is one of the means of intellectual or literary expression, it is a kind of creative expression, in order to write any book, it is necessary to have basic factors that accompany the authorship process from the first moment until the publication of the book and print it.

Steps to Write the book

There are basic steps that must be available to write any book, whatever the field, including:

  • Provides a general idea about the subject of the book, this is because the writer determines his idea and subject which is addressed in his book.
  • Availability of advance information on this idea, to have an outline of his idea.
  • It provides detailed ideas for sub-book titles.
  • Expansion of his main idea and its sub-ideas to the extent that it achieves the benefit of it.
  • Have the right tools for scientific research, in the process of writing the book, if the book needs research.
  • Determining the audience that will read the desired book makes it easier and better for the book to succeed, the book needs readers who prefer a specific type of book, that’s because every book has its own audience, typically, audiences prefer books about personal stories, it is a simple way to communicate information and ideas, people are more attached to a writer whose audience feels he one of them.
  • Consult the people of opinion and thought about writing, and take their observations on that and their appropriate guidance.
  • Owning technical drafting and expression tools, to have a high ability to write and coordinate phrases, and link them.
  • Try to manage time, as there may not be enough time to sit down and start writing, so the writer should set an appropriate time appropriate to his different responsibilities during the day.
  • Writing requires complete quiet away from the noise, and devoted to it alone away from multiple tasks, that cause distraction and distract the writer, such as: mobile phone, television, and any stationery that may distract the writer from writing.
  • Must have a general knowledge of some arts of expression, such as essay, thought, and literary arts such as prose, poetry and story writing, even in general, you must have detailed knowledge of the art of the article, especially if his book is based on such a style of expression.
  • Appropriate format of the book, including the index, list of references and sources, editorials, and notes from specialists, if this is possible, as well as the conclusion at the end of his book.
  • Starting the technical drafting stage, by outputting the text in its final form, depending on the type of writing.
  • Artistic output in cover format, shape, paper, and type.
  • Print the book, and publish it.


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