Nescafe’ Reveals new Way to Win the Battles in the West

To maintain its dominance in the coffee industry, Nescafe’ has invested a staggering £8m for its brand overhaul. The company is now dishing its premium-roast coffee beans under the brand named Azera. 

Vassilis Karalis, brand in-charge, said that they decided to come up with a new brand name since the competition now is getting tighter. He said that their competitors are using a new approach to selling their products. Instead of telling the people that drinking coffee is part and parcel of the custom, their rivals are pointing out that drinking coffee is more of a clinging or a lifestyle. 

This trend affected Nescafe’ so bad, especially that the company is known to provide traditional coffee blends for decades. Karalis said that it is about time to settle at a new brand positioning. He pointed out that the Nescafe’ Azera will surely cater to the demands of the ‘oldies’ and millennials who want coffee as part of their routine.

The said brand covers all coffee selections that people may want to have. It includes frozen or cold coffees, ready-to-drink coffee brews, soluble premium coffee, and of course, the coffee bags.

Karalis stressed that this time, they wanted their product lineup to be the household name of premium class coffee. However, he also admitted that this goal is not easy to realize. He is very much aware that Nescafe’s rivals are also doing great in promoting their products. A lot of hybrid coffee variants are hitting the public by storm. Some of them even integrated coffee into sodas to induce a unique hit. You can also purchase flavored coffee nowadays. These innovations, according to Karalis, are their motivations to step up this year. 

Whether Nescafe’ will succeed in its quest to regain dominance in providing the best class of coffee in Europe, only people and time can tell.

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